Monday, May 19, 2008

Solarweave is here!!

I finally got in my 7 yards of solarweave that I ordered. I am going to make the first sling this week and see how it comes out. If everything goes well, then I will sew the rest and we will have solarweave slings available at the price of $45 each. Sorry no coupon can be used with these slings because I will not be carrying these in-stock. Once they are all gone I won't be making any more for a while, but I should have 5 available for purchase.
If you don't know about solarweave, its great. The fabric itself has 40 spf to protect your babies skin from the sun.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Green and Blue Flower Paisly Sling - $35

Black with White Polka Dots Sling - $35

In Stock Solids - $30

I am now offering in stock colors as follows:
White Dark Brown
Black Light Blue
Navy Lavender
Dk. Purple Bright Yellow
Pale Yellow Pale Green
Hunter Green Bright Green
Light Pink Dark Pink
Turquoise Red

Monday, April 14, 2008

Exciting News!!!

2 New Exciting Things about to Happen!!

1. I am going to start to carrying solid color fabric! So if you would just like a plain sling in a solid color like blue, pink, tan, brown, black, yellow, etc., I will have that available. These slings will be $30 and don't forget that I can sew a pocket on them if you'd like, the pockets come in handy!

2. I will be getting a website! My husband is a web designer, so I will be getting a website of my very own as soon as possible. Once I get the new website up and running, I will link to it from this blog.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ordering a Sling

At this time, I do not have an online store. If there seems to be a need for one in the up-coming months, I might get one. For now, this is the procedure.

In-Stock Slings:

I keep this site very well updated. The 'In-Stock Slings' section usually displays everything I have in stock. Pick which sling you would like and email me via the 'About Me' section at the right side of the page with the sling you have chosen. I can send an invoice via paypal or you can send a check via mail. Once the invoice is paid or the check has cleared, I will ship your sling to you via USPS.

Custom Order Slings:

Contact me via email through the 'About Me' Section on the right side of the page. From there tell me you are interested in a custom sling. I will tell you what kind and how much fabric I need and where to ship it. You may inclose a check with the fabric or once I recieve the fabric I can email a paypal invoice. Custom slings are $20 plus shipping.


I generally like to offer decent prices on shipping and NEVER overcharge for it, but due to the rising gas prices I am forced to go up on shipping. Shipping will now be based on where you live, with shipping being more expensive if I have to ship cross country. Shipping will never be more than $8.50 to ship any one sling, with most packages having an average price between $6 and $7.

Sizing and the Tail

The tail on the sling makes it adjustable. It makes it possible for a sling to fit a wider range of people. Unlike pouch slings that have many different sizes, my slings have 2 basic sizes, Small and Large. Most of my In-stock slings are size large unless otherwise noted as a small. I have found that the large fits best those women who wear shirt sizes L-XXL, where a small sling will fit XS-M. Size also depends on the length of tail that you want. For example if you are a size Medium and want a longer tail, then a Large sling might be what you're looking for.
A longer tail is not necessary, but it does come in handy! It can be used to cover up during breastfeeding or to cover your child's head in windy or cold conditions outside. And remember if you don't want the tail to show (like at church or some place you would want to have a more put together appearance), you can always tuck it into the pouch beside your baby.